New publication in Chem. Eng. J. by Ju Hyeong Kim and Dr. Gi…

Ju Hyeong Kim, Gi Dae Park, and Yun Chan Kang* "Initial investigation of bimetal hydroxysulfide as a new anode material for efficient sodium-ion storage", Chemical Engineering Journal (2021) <IF: 10.652> (+: These authors contributed equally to this work) 2021-01-07
New publication in Chem. Eng. J. by Su Hyun Yang 2020-12-01
New publication in Appl. Surf. Sci. by Ju Hyeong Kim 2020-12-01
New publication in ACS Sus. Chem. Eng. by Dr. Gi Dae Park 2020-11-03
Min Kim joins our Lab. Welcome! 2020-10-19
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